Freeze- dried rose petals Burgundy

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Beautiful freeze- dried Burgundy petals.Our freeze-dried and also preserved range of rose petals are real rose petals. Modern techniques have made it possible to enjoy this product for much longer without losing its natural and silky soft qualities. Unlike fresh rose petals that stain and mark, you can order our rose petals months in advance because of their long shelf life. This will help you prevent wedding stress.Sold in Small pint box, 1 litre ,2 litre ,8litre ,or our largest 24 litres for a bigger effect.


1 pint a small handful of petals , or to scatter onto one  small table.

1 litre will scatter onto 2 small round tables of 8-10 persons or fill 8-10 small confetti cones.Enough for a light scattering on a bedroom setting.

2litre petals will fill 20 small confetti cones or scatter onto 4 tables of 8-10 persons sprinkled lightly in centre area of table.

8 litres will fill 50-60 small confetti cones or scatter onto the centre area of 16-20 small tables. Will scatter lightly for a church aisle normally down each side,with the  centre area left free.

For large amounts like 24 litres please email us and allow 2-3 month for that size box.

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