Prices For Bouquet Preservation & Framing 2021/22

Interested in the prices for bouquet preservation or 3D cubes?

As a guide: Most neat posy styled bridal or bridesmaids bouquets will fit into the 16 x 16 frame. "Country Styled Bouquets" with 'the just picked look' will most certainly need the larger sized wall frame. If you are not sure we will be most happy to help you decide on frame choice and colours to suit your beautiful flowers.

Just to clarify: a birds eye view simply means the view of the bouquet as if you are looking at the flowers from above - with no stems showing below. The side profile means that the flowers are displayed 'side on' with their stems and bows showing below. Any extra items such as Buttonholes normally are placed in the base corner free of charge.

Additionally, if you book for the bridesmaids flowers to be framed we will offer you a 10% off the final total. At Everlasting Floral Company, we do not charge extra for adding any keepsakes into your frame and will advise on the space needed for this. An Extra Plaque with wedding dates and names adding can be done at an small extra cost.

Picture size in inches
Type of Display
Bouquet size
5 X 15 CUBE 3D .Or tiny wall frame
A Few flowers or Mothers Corsage
Small corsage or few flowers
12 x 12 Cube 3d
Brides Hand tied posy or Bridesmaids Posy
10 inch posy
10 x 10 wall frame
Small posy or Bridesmaids Posy
Up to 8 inch Diameter
10 x 12 Wall frame
Small Hand Tied Posy Side View
Up to 8 inch Diameter
12 x 12 Wall frame
£299.00 to £350
Standard Hand Tied Bouquet Birds Eye View
Up to 10 inches Diameter
 12 x 16 Wall frame
Standard Hand Tied or Smaller Shower Bouquet Side Profile
Up to 10 inch Diameter
16x 16 Wall frame
Larger Hand Tied or Shower Bouquet
Up to 12 inch Diameter
16 x 16
Blanket of flowers
Filled with your flowers
16 x 20 large£450.00Firescreen or Wall FrameUp to 14 inch Diameter (Suitable for Shower Bouquets at 18 inch. long)