Our floral preservation services are often in high demand so early booking is advisable. However, last minute enquiries are usually welcomed so it is worth checking to see if we can fit you in!
Flowers can be preserved up to one week after an event but the sooner the flowers arrive for preservation, the better.
You only get one chance to preserve your flowers so don’t leave it too late!

Who are we?
The Everlasting Floral Company is a small, independent, family business that specialises in the 3D preservation of wedding bouquets, special occasion flowers and Eco Friendly freeze dried confetti petals. 
We offer a nationwide service throughout mainland UK so anyone can have their flowers preserved by us.

How do you preserve flowers?
We use the latest in freeze drying technology to preserve our flowers which allows us to carefully extract moisture moisture from any plant material by sublimation. Freeze drying gives superior results to other methods of drying flowers and allows the flowers to retain their original 3D shape, form and colour. 
What makes us different from other flower preservation businesses ?
In recognition of our highest quality work, we are proud to have been elected and approved as a member of IFDA.
We are one of a handful of companies in the UK that uses the latest freeze dry technology as part of our flower and wedding bouquet preservation. Using a process known as sublimation, our floral freeze dryer will give a really superior result compared to all other types of flower preservation.

During the preservation process, the colour of the flowers and foliage can change slightly. This is a completely normal side effect with any flowers that are dried. To combat this, we always colour treat and hand paint all of our preserved botanicals to bring the colour back as close as possible to the original colour.  Not all preservation companies do this due to the time and cost involved but we feel that it is an essential step in keeping your flowers looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

We use the services of a fully crafted framer to make your frame of choice. All of our 3D frames come ready to hang. We will add extra keepsakes if space is available free of charge for you.

A special UV filtering conservation glass is also used a standard in our 3D frames to protect your flowers from harmful UV rays. 

Can all flowers be preserved? 

Most flowers are likely candidates, but if there is a flower that does not dry well or is damaged in transit, we will call you to advise further.

Will my flowers still look like they did on the day of the event? 

Yes! The shape and form will stay exactly the same but as they are preserved they will lose their ‘fresh and dewy’ look. The flowers take on an “antiqued” look after preservation and the colour tone may deepen slightly. Red flowers with a yellow undertone keep their colour particularly well but flowers with a blue undertone will darken in colour. E.g. a red rose will turn a dark, almost claret colour. True blue flowers will remain true and many white flowers will turn a light shade of cream. 

 Where can I see some examples of your work? 

You can see lots of examples of our work on our Facebook or Twitter pages, which are regularly updated with new commissions and photos and on our Gallery page on this website.

How much does it cost to preserve my flowers? 

This depends on how much of your bouquet you would like to be framed or displayed. Prices range from £199.00 and go up to £495 for one of our largest keepsakes but there are many options in between to suit every budget. 

What is included in your prices? 

Our prices include the preservation of your flowers and foliage, bespoke framing and display of your flowers Our prices also include VAT. Courier frees at cost to return your flowers.

Can I just have my flowers preserved without framing? 

NO – preserved flowers are very fragile and will need to be protected from moisture and dust by some sort of display. 

Do I have to have my whole bouquet preserved? 

NO – you can choose to keep just a single flower, a few flowers or your whole bouquet. It is entirely up to you.

Do you do all of your own framing? 

YES – we have our own professional framing and all of our framing is completely bespoke ensuring the highest quality results. 

Can I include a photo or other souvenir in with my flowers? 

YES – you may include photos, invitations, place cards, your order of service, cake toppers or any other item from your big day to make a truly unique keepsake. Engraving can be added at a small extra cost.

When do I need to place an order? 

Due to our highly regarded reputation for creating top quality keepsake pictures, our services are always in high demand so booking early is always advisable to secure your place, especially in the summer months. However, we do take last minute bookings so if you have not had time to book in advance, please don’t think that it is too late. Simply phone us and we will do our best to fit you in! 

Do I need to choose my frame and display when I book? 

NO – framing and display options can be sorted out after the wedding and when you have returned from your honeymoon. Information about the framing of your flowers will be sent out to you when we have received your flowers and will explain step by step what you need to do. You then have 8 weeks to confirm your frame and design choices with us so there is plenty of time to sort this out when you return from honeymoon.

Do you need a deposit? 

YES – we take a £100.00 deposit to secure your place. This is non refundable and will be deducted from the final price of your keepsake. 

When is the final balance due? 

The final balance is due approximately 8 weeks after we receive your flowers when you chose your frame and display.

What payment methods do you offer? 

We accept payment by cheque, debit card and all major credit cards apart from American Express. Please note we do not charge you commission if you wish to pay by card. Cheques should be made payable to The Everlasting Floral Company. 

How soon after the wedding do you need my flowers? 

We can preserve flowers up to one week old, even longer if they are still fresh. However, we prefer to receive them as soon as possible after an event whilst the flowers are still at their best as the fresher the flower, the better the final result from the preservation process. 

I am getting married abroad. Can I still have my bouquet preserved? 

YES – as long as someone is able to bring the flowers back with them within 7 days of your wedding. We have preserved flowers from weddings that have taken place all over the world including Greece, Malta, South Africa, Germany, Italy and Spain. Just check with your airline to make sure that there are no restrictions to you bringing back flowers from the country that you are getting married in. Once the flowers are back in the UK, we will arrange for them to be collected by courier. Or you can post overnight by Royal Mail next day service Postal boxes are available at larger Post Offices.

How can I keep my flowers staying fresh after my wedding ? 

Please try to keep your flowers in a vase of water somewhere cool and dry – a garage is ideal. The most important thing is NOT to spray your flowers with water and never put them in a fridge or freezer. We will send you full care instructions once you have booked. 

How do I get my flowers to you? 

Remember, distance is not a problem. If you are local to us, you can either drop your flowers off to us in Hereford yourself or we could collect your flowers from you for a small additional fee. Or post to us next day by Post Office service..

However, most of our clients are from further afield and all you need to do is to send your flowers to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery. We will give you full packaging instructions when you book so that your flowers are properly protected whilst they are in transit to us. 

How long will it take for you to preserve my flowers and create my keepsake ? 

Freeze drying your flowers involves many different steps and processing times are long so you do have to be patient as it will take initially about 3-4  months for the flowers to be processed and dried.  After that, the flowers are colour treated and/or hand painted and sealed to protect them. We then mount and glue your flowers into your chosen design and a bespoke frame will be made to fit around your flowers. By the time everything has been completed, you should expect your keepsake back around your first wedding anniversary. 

Due to our highly regarded reputation for creating top quality keepsakes, our services are always in high demand so please note that keepsakes can take longer to complete at certain times of the year and as such, we do not guarantee the turn around time for your order. 

How long will my keepsake last ? 

 Like any other piece of art it should be kept away from direct sunlight and humid environments and direct heat sources. If you follow this advice, your keepsake will last for many years to come. By this we mean, decades rather than a few years.