Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By placing an floral preservation order with Everlasting Floral Company, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions stated below.

The process and its effects

The process is called freeze-drying where a machine is used to extract moisture first freeze the flowers and then using a vacuum action to slowly extract the moisture from them.

Inevitably the colours can experience some changes, depending upon the particular flowers and their colour. Some colours are deepened and some altered. For example reds can become more burgundy and pinks could be magenta or darker pink or slightly lilac. It all depends upon the variety chosen for your flowers and the quality of them.

They will take on a “tissue paper” look rather than the fresh look they had originally. It is a slightly antique effect.

Throughout the freeze-drying process we will take every possible care to keep your flowers as near as possible to the way they looked in your bouquet.

What we do when the flowers arrive

We photograph the flowers immediately and take the bouquet apart before putting them into the machine. The photo means that we can recreate it as nearly as possible to the original. Inevitably there will be some degree of artistic variation.

If the flowers have suffered whilst in transit or if they are late in arriving we will call you and discuss our concerns with you.

We will accept no responsibility for damage to the flowers or packaging whilst they are in transit.

Getting then flowers to us

It is your responsibility to:

- Ensure that the bouquet is securely packaged and correctly labelled with your address inside and ours outside.

- Use the Next Day by 1pm Special Delivery with the Royal Mail as soon as possible after the wedding or function.

- Use a courier we will send to collect the packaged and labelled flowers as soon as possible after the wedding or function.

- You will ensure there is a pick up point for the courier as arranged with us.

We will not accept responsibility for:

- Flowers damaged in transit due to poor packaging.

- Flowers that are in poor condition due to late delivery.

- We will not refund your deposit if you fail to send the flowers

We will be responsible for:

- Notifying you if the flowers are damaged or in poor condition and discuss what we are able to do or not able to do.

While the flowers are in the process

We will take great care of them and endeavour to produce a finished product in your chosen frame or case. We will discuss the suitability of frame and colours etc with you once the flowers have been preserved.

We will not accept responsibility for events beyond our control such as flood or fire.

Deposit for the work 

The deposit required is £90 at the time we accept the order.

This is not refundable unless the flowers are destroyed by flood or fire and there is no additional compensation due to you. Only refundable is the money paid by you to us.

While the flowers are with us

From the moment your flowers are received by us the balance of your order will become due when the work is complete. You are bound to pay the balance.

On arrival the flowers become our property and will not be returned until the balance is paid.

Whoever has ordered the flowers and sent them to us is liable to accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Returning the completed flower preservation

We aim to complete your preservation in around three months. At busy times in the summer it may take longer.

We will carefully package the preservation to return to you. We cannot be responsible for damage in transit or for tiny pieces of flower or fern to be a bit loose. You must contact us within 3 days of receiving the flowers for a consultation if you have a concern.

On their return to you

You assume responsibility for the care of the preservation

Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from damp or humid atmospheres.

We cannot predict a lifespan as the flowers are a natural product and we have no control once they are in your possession. There will be a certain amount of ageing over time.

We reserve the right to use photos of the finished flowers for promotional purposes.

Terms and Conditions  (BOUQUET PRESERVATIONS)

The Process

The freeze-drying process is a near perfect method of preservation. After careful preparation, each of your flowers is preserved by our state of the art Freeze Drier, which slowly extracts all moisture, mostly maintaining the flower as it was placed in the machine. Freeze drying removes moisture at extremely low temperatures (as low as -40 degrees F) under a vacuum. Flowers take approximately two weeks to process. Freeze drying is not a new process; however, some of our best innovations have occurred over the last several years. Our freeze drying machines are equipped with computerised technology to allow for a balanced preservation cycle. New pre-treatments allow for true colour to be better captured and maintained. Some colour changes will occur in all flowers: white to ivory, red to burgundy and pinks deepen, etc. Over time these shades will mellow taking on a softer “Victorian” look. There are some flowers that it is impossible to successfully preserve using this technique, for example, gerbera and other “daisy like” flowers with very narrow petals attached to the centre of the flower. During the drying stage these little petals will drop off. In the main though the technique is suitable for most flowers and because of the wonderful technological advances freeze-drying is more sought out than other more conventional preservation methods.

Our Terms

1: A deposit of £100 is required when a bouquet is given to Everlasting Floral Company.

2: Deposits are non-refundable.

3: Balance will be due when the case or frame is ordered.

4: All sales are final.

5: Your order serves as your consent to allow Everlasting Floral Company designers to create your display using their best judgement, within your selections.

6:  On occasion we will replace odd flowers free of charge if they are damaged in transit or have deteriorated before they arrive.

7: Flowers not used in designs are the property of Everlasting Floral Company.

8: Everlasting Floral company liability is limited to 100% of flower cost paid (less shipping and handling), restricted to the flowers only and not the case or frame, upon authorised return.

9: As noted flowers may change colour, may not successfully be freeze dried and may in some cases change their shape a little or reduce in size slightly because of the removal of moisture.

9a. Paperweights are non-returnable, note ivory roses will turn a buff colour and see though effect. We cannot be held responsible for this as it is a chemical reaction to the hot resin.

10: Everlasting Floral Company cannot be responsible nor held liable for flower spoilage due to acts of God (ie; power outage) or mechanical failure beyond the control of Everlasting Floral Company

11: Everlasting Floral Company cannot be held responsible for the failure of couriers in delivery or non-delivery of goods in transit. 

12. We do not give any guarantees if flowers are not encased here by our company.

13. Courier charges will be invoiced separately at cost.